The following is a design for the Foodie Library app, Foodie Library is an engaging, reliable support tool for expanding food knowledge. The app aims to educate and encourage Americans to live a healthier lifestyle and consume better food. This is accomplished by providing recipes and research on food and healthy lifestyles. The main goals of this project are to showcase a coherent style throughout the user interface and develop a functional prototype and design. This UI design is meant to show playfulness, vibrancy, high energy, and refinement.  Orange, a warmer green, and black are the primary colors used throughout. 
Foodie Library App Icon process in detail(Sketches to finalizing) 
Foodie Library wireframe sketches

Foodie Library app screens 

Foodie Library App and Landing Page

Woman navigating Foodie Library App

Foodie Library App Prototype

Foodie Library Website Prototype

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