A remodeled website and mobile design for the Taylor Pointe Apartments complex. The purpose of this project was to create a more coherent, modern, and cleaner layout and practice good web design fundamentals. Several aspects of the old site were poorly designed: a mix of color and grayscale photos, inconsistent spacing, and some text covered on mobile devices. This remodeled design uses a similar palette to the previous site, including navy blue, but incorporates a blue tint and only uses black for the body text. More white space is incorporated throughout to balance the information. In addition, lines are established to organize information and enhance the overall design.  
Current Design                                              

 Remodeled website and mobile device Design

Style Guide

Taylor Pointe Apartments Remodeled website homepage, 2023

Taylor Pointe Apartments Remodeled website homepage: Reviews, Amenities, and Welcome sections

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